Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Inspiration

With the holidays approaching all the parties we have to go to has got me thinking.....what am I going to wear?! Yes yes this is the age old question that puzzles every woman as she makes her weekend plans.  Do I go for warm and comfy or sexy and sparkly {which will undoubtedly leave me sniffling}? I have an about a little of both. Some days sweaters and boots are a perfect match, others sequins and stilettos make me drool. I have decided my winter will be filled with an ideal mash-up of both. Yum Yum I can't wait to throw together these gorgeous creations!!!

Girlie meets sexy {and all the black is a definite plus in my book}

Dressy and fun

Comfy sweater + showy legs = hot

Always love me a leopard print with a pair of fab boots

Can you say Christmas party?

Hot pink attack!

Leather and sparkles make me tingle :)

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