Sunday, December 4, 2011

Menu for the Week #2

Hey everyone out there in blogging land! My munchin is in bed dreaming of Santa Clause so mommy has some time to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and plan our meals for this week coming up. I am on a VERY strict eating plan so I won't be able to eat these exact meals but Im going to make them for Jd and have a slightly different version for myself. These are still super healthy meals I am just a crazy person right now {by which I mean a lot more then usual.} All of these I will be making with whole wheat grains and mostly sticking to the vegan guidelines. I hope you enjoy and get to try some of these delish dishes out on your own!

Spicy black bean wrap with chipolte avocado sauce

Cobb salad sandwich

Roasted asparagus and potatoes 

White bean and pesto crostini

Tortellini and garden vegetable bake

California sandwich with hummus

I also just had to share this amazing little craft project that I think is so adorable. My friend Peyton got married not too long ago and this is her first Christmas with her new hubby. In honor of that her cute momma made her their first ornament for their Christmas tree. She cut up one of their wedding invitations and put the strips inside a clear glass ornament! What a great idea for newlyweds. Seriously I'm going to do this from now on for all my friends and family who get married. Thanks for sharing this craft miss Peyton!

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