Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sorry Jesus

{This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I just realized somehow it didn't go through}

I might be sorry that I am going to this Ugly Sweater Party tonight at our friends the Funk's house, and I am definitely sorry for baby Jesus who's birthday is being celebrated with us making complete fools of ourselves. We have found the most fabulously hideous Christmas outfits that ever walked the planet {and then some!} First we hit up Goodwill to find what I thought were really ugly gems, then I remembered, I have some very scary memories of my mother in awful holiday attire. We decided why keep searching for Jd's outfit at Goodwill when we have our very own house of holiday horrors right down the street? Once we got to my parents' house and my mom showed us to her horrific array of what she thinks were once "IN" Christmas sweaters, I almost fainted from pure and utter astonishment. Was she for real? How was it possible that these outfits were EVER actually wearable? And she made sure to tell me how they were hand-made and one of a kind {yeah, like that makes them any better.} After we basked in the glory of her forgotten artifacts, she announced she had one more amazing gift to show us....I seriously almost died when I saw it. A pair of hand painted gingerbread Christmas overalls with a matching turtleneck! The sheer horror of its existence was enough to make any normal person pass out! Thankfully, I was used to this kind of nonsense and my hubby {bless his precious soul} has become accustomed to it as well. So now we get to dress up in the outfits we have chosen from my mother's closet {yes, both of our outfits} that are sure to win ugliest outfit at our party tonight. Please don't judge us based on our choices because I have an extreme need to always win {and if you ask my husband, always be right.} I will be posting pics of our hopefully award winning get-ups tomorrow. I hope your Xmas parties aren't as scary as ours!

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