Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Braided Sides

After all the votes were tallied up, the braided side image won {aka #7} If you forgot what it looked like, check it out here. You can do this style with your hair parted in the middle or on whichever side you prefer. I wear my hair in the middle most of the time so that's what I did for this tutorial. I started off with clean blow dried hair and then curled the ends.

I started by taking about an inch and a half to two inch section of hair from the front near my face

Then I started a braid with that section

Once the braid started to move further and further back I would take small sections of my hair and do a french braid {I only took hair from the top part of my head to add to the section that crosses over not every time I crossed over like a normal french braid}

I only did the french braid until I got the braid to where I wanted it and did a normal braid on the end the rest of the way so I could pin it and add volume to the crown of my hair. This is what it should look like before it's pinned

This is what my hair looked like from the front with both sides done

Another angle 

The side view

This shows how I used bobby pins that are the same color as my hair to secure the braids in the back. I kind of pulled the hair from my crown up before I pinned it so I have volume. It was super easy to do and I hope you guys can follow the instructions pretty easily! Let me know about other hair styles you want to see a tutorial on!

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