Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sick to the Max

We are on quarantine lock down here at the Corlis household. Yup, we caught the flu bug. My poor little man has it the worst out of all three of us :( It makes his momma so sad to see him throwing up. Even with him in pain, he is still as happy as a clam. I seriously do not know how I was blessed with such a good baby. Thank goodness the worst of it is over and we are starting to feel better today. My little trooper is back on his sleeping schedule {since the throwing up has subsided} and back to eating food. I hope we are done with sickness for awhile because I am just not good at it. I normally never get sick so my body isn't used to it when I do catch something and it hits me REALLY hard. Yesterday I thought I was seriously going to die. My body ached so much that I pretty much lived in the bath tub and my snuggle bug thankfully slept most of the day.

Anyhoo, since the sickness has gotten the best of me and I haven't had time to upload the pics of Asher's birthday party, {oh did I mention that's where we got the flu from? Thank goodness kids birthday parties are only once a year!} I will be sharing my obsession with maxi dresses. I posted about my fav one that I own here. I hope you enjoy and that all of you out there are in excellent health!

This maxi is so chic......Im dying over it!

Great idea: add a cute T under a tube top maxi so it's work appropriate

Backless? YES!

Sexy peekaboo

Seriously LOVE this pattern!

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